5 Benefits of Playing on An Adult Recreational Sports Team

By Elaine Veltri

Are you a natural athlete? Did you play hockey as a kid or in high school? Have you gained the dreaded COVID-20 as in extra pounds during this crazy pandemic and want to do something about it? Feeling isolated or the need for adult interaction?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, it might be time for you to consider joining an adult recreational sport like ice hockey. Whether you’re an old pro on skates or have never stepped foot on an ice rink, there’s room for you to shine, learn, exercise and interact with other adults when you join an adult recreational sports team.

Why ice hockey you might ask. It’s fun, fast and exciting for starters. But being a part of a growing culture like recreational ice hockey provides awesome benefits. Here’s why you should consider joining one:

There’s room for you to shine, learn, exercise and interact with other adults when you join an adult recreational sports team.

Grow your circle of friends

Being a part of an ice hockey team puts you with other people who share your same interests. It opens the door for new friendships and affords you the opportunity to meet new people. Not only do you enjoy camaraderie on the ice but off ice as well when you gather for post-game festivities to talk about great plays, new strategies and life in general. Even if you’re new to the game of ice hockey, most leagues offer learn-to-skate clinics and other players are there to encourage you.

De-stress after your workday

Hitting the ice with your teammates to compete against another team for the most goals is a great way to blow off steam or simply decompress after a long workday. An hour on the ice and an hour off the ice with buddies enjoying food, drink and fellowship provide a great escape from the stress of daily life. Anxiety fades, tension melts away, and mood improves when you focus on something that’s fun, gets you moving and puts you in the company of others in a positive, healthy environment.

Having fun boosts your mental health

Being a part of a team that’s engaged in something the players love and enjoy has a way of elevating mood and ramping up the fun meter for everyone. Who can’t forget the joy of childhood play dates, high-school athletics and cheering on your favorite teams? Just because you’re older and hopefully a little wiser doesn’t mean playtime can’t be built into your adult life. Having fun playing with other adults on a sports team can do wonders for your mental health!

Improves your physical health

When you’re engaged in a team sport you love, the exercise you’re obviously getting doesn’t feel much like exercise but more like entertainment. It’s something you look forward to each week. If you exercise on a regular basis, joining a sports league adds variety to your exercise regime. That weekly workout on the ice is not only helping you improve your physical health but you’re having fun while doing it.

Spectators cheer you on

There’s just something about hearing others cheer you on, celebrate your great moves and support you when you’re not victorious. The spectators who gather to watch recreational league play add another level to the game. They electrify the air and add energy to the atmosphere. Playing recreational team sports creates another opportunity for your cheering squad to interact with other families and build new relationships.

If joining an adult recreational league sounds like something you think might interest you, check out the Greer Upstate Recreational Hockey Association (GURHA). This newly formed club is modernizing the culture of hockey with plans to enhance the game so players enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Elaine Veltri is a freelance writer, blogger and retired journalist. She writes for a number of publications, covering everything from health and home to sports and life experiences. Before becoming a freelance writer/blogger, she covered crime, courts, health and senior issues for The Sun News in Myrtle Beach, SC. Learn more at www.elaineveltri.com.


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